The Babel Story

             Below is a translation of Genesis 11:1-9 into Gomain. To capture the original Hebrew meanings of the words, the English (Verbatim) translation from was used. This text is also available there. The format of this text is: the Gomain translation of one verse in boldface, followed by the English verse in normal formatting.

Verse 1 - Listen to it
Is bakshöp an zäth mëkauong okhweroith oi is oweinga owojaha.
And all of the land had one language and common words.

Verse 2 - Listen to it
Is fum khëfeingŕong lom uroish, khëkreing om ozesh staflë uzäth am Shinar is khëlonjh räs.
And when they traveled from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar and lived there.

Verse 3 - Listen to it
Is khëpraikhweing obakai ubakai: "ˇBördu! Zhëchoingok oma odoglëha is zhothok fö salïmindi." Is doglë mëvëng othedő poi foi, is dokrad mëvëng othetsu poi foi.
And they said to each other, "Come! Let's make bricks and burn them thoroughly." And the brick was stone to them, and the clay was mortar to them.

Verse 4 - Listen to it
Is khëpraikhweing: "ˇBördu! Zhëcheintrauvenok om okaikol is om ocheix is nŕaidlem staflë uwëruju; is zhëchoingvenok om obach virt zhëkhogøwÿdhob ner udanïd am zäth oich."
And they said, "Come! Let's build for us a city and a tower and its head in the sky; and let's make for us a name, lest we be scattered on the face of the whole land."

Verse 5 - Listen to it
Is Jave gëkombong poi paloidhi okaikol is ocheix lo shïva am shëdhweing khëcheintrauaung fo.
And Yahweh descended to see the city and the tower which the sons of man had built.

Verse 6 - Listen to it
Is Jave gëpraikhweing: "Shtoileit, ozh oi is khweroith oi ubakshöp an fö, is onoing khëberrasaung stïr nei. Is gosko, khënötkïngœdh na lom foi, bakol lo khebeg stïr nei.
And Yahweh said, "Behold, one nation, and one language for all of them, and this they have begun to do. And now, it will not be denied from them, all which they plan to do.

Verse 7 - Listen to it
ˇBördu! Zhëkombowok is zhëhëlvurok okhweroithlekh rïng, poi khëpaukoidhäk na okhweroith am bakai ubakai."
Come! Let's descend and let's confuse their language here, that they will not hear each other's language."

Verse 8 - Listen to it
Is Jave gëkhogøwong fo lom räs ner udanïd am zäth oich, is kherdlong cheintraudhi okaikol.
And Yahweh scattered them from there on the face of the whole land, and they ceased building the city.

Verse 9 - Listen to it
Noja lëtolowong obachlem Babel, jörwa räs Jave gëhëlvurong okhweroith am zäth oich, is lom uräs Jave gëkhogøwong fo ner udanïd am zäth.
Therefore they called its name Babel, because there Yahweh confused the language of the whole land, and from there Yahweh scattered them on the face of the land.

Below is the above text written in the Pekrïf: